Dildo Selfie Stick

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Easy To Use

Dildo Selfie Stick offers a range of easy to use vibrators which can be compatible for any occasion. Keep your dildo stick with you anywhere you go and get the satisfaction whenever you want. Out sex toys are safe to use and are registered for the quality of manufacturing.

Selfie Sticks Need A Better Use

Check out our special selfie stick vibrators which are designed to amplify your secret satisfaction with your partner and enjoy your moment with him on a long-distance call.

Types of Dildos

Check out our wide range of products and find the style that suits you the best.

Glass Dildos

Squirting Dildos

Huge Dildos

Vibrating Dildos

It’s Compatible With All Dildos

Selfie stick dildos are designed to fit all kinds of dildos so you can get the best experience is a quick and compatible manner. Check out our range of disldos today and get special discounts on combo offers.

Finding the Best Vibrators to Use With Our Product

There are thousands of vibrators available in the market, all designed to provide different stimulation and sensations. Each vibrator has got a different function and rating according to its use and features. The best vibrators should be able to satisfy any woman, any type of sexual desire, and any budget. A Clitoral vibrator, which is meant for providing strong orgasms, can be classified into several types. While there are clit vibrators for the clit penetration, clitoral vibrators that stimulate and pleasure to the clitoris, g-spot vibrators that enhance the g-spot orgasm, body & buttock vibrators and anal vibrators.

For the selfie stick, you should use a dildo with a built in bullet vibrator.  You can get these bullet vibrators on tantus.com or vixencreations.  They sell silicone dildos which have a hollow center where you can insert one of the top bullet vibrators.  When considering the best vibrators, you should first know what you expect from the product. Is it going to be used for g-spot stimulation? Are you looking to bring your lover close to you so that she can feel your warmth and affection? Are you a beginner that wants to experience the ultimate in vaginal stimulation? All of these questions must be answered before purchasing a body & buttock vibrator. This will help you make an informed decision, which is far more important than purchasing a product that may not fulfill your needs.

One way to get the best vibrators is to purchase a vibrator with interchangeable tips. This will allow you to switch between different types of vibrations and patterns with ease. A good example of this would be the wand. With a powerful wand you can generate a soft, powerful vibration that is ideal for foreplay.

Another option for the best vibrators would be the bullet vibrator. This is specifically designed to provide strong, long lasting, direct stimulation to the clitoris, g-spot, clit, and even the vagina. With the tip of the toy you can stimulate both the inner and outer vulva. A strong direct hit on the vulva will cause intense stimulation that will send your lover into overdrive.

One of the newest and most exciting products on the market is the bullet vibrator. This toy is similar to the bullet we-vibe, but it incorporates two vibrators instead of just one. This allows you to have two hot buttons instead of just one, which is great for giving your lover a variety of powerful orgasms.

There are also some models of vibrators that offer the same powerful results when used with a clitoral stimulator or g-spot stimulator. These models are called enhancers. These enhancers are extremely effective at stimulating both the clitoris and the vagina at the same time. They will create an incredible amount of clitoral and vaginal stimulation that will leave both partners feeling like they’ve never experienced sex before. This makes the best vibrators even better because now you don’t need to use a specific skill or technique to be able to bring your partner to orgasm.

When you shop for sex toys for long-distance couples, it’s important that you do so responsibly. You can get caught up in trying to find the “best” and might accidentally spend too much money. If this happens, consider buying something that is more appropriate for your situation. You should definitely avoid spending so much money on a vibrator that it breaks right after you first try it out! Instead, opt for vibrators that are designed specifically for long-distance relationships and that use advanced technology to ensure powerful, safe results.

The best vibrators are the ones that come in a variety of different sizes. Many couples prefer vibrators that are a little on the small side to use when they are first starting out. However, as the relationship progresses and you and your lover to become more familiar with each other, you may find that you’re more comfortable with larger sex toys. The important thing to remember is that any time you decide to invest in any sort of intimate merchandise, you should carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of that particular purchase. You want something that’s going to be both functional and enjoyable for your intimate life – including the most important aspect of your sexual experience: getting you to climax!

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Dildo Selfie Stick

The dildo selfie stick lets you get a picture of your O-face easily and effortlessly.  You can attach any toy you want that is vac u lock or suction cup compatible.  It extends to 6 feet and can be switched to many different angles, from straight on shots to 45 degrees out.   The controller at the base of the dildo is like any selfie stick and has buttons for zoom and capture, so you can get your o face every time!

Top Benefits of Using a Dildo

Top Benefits of Using a Dildo

The many advantages and uses of a Dildo are certain aspects that many fail to understand. Individuals view it is a waste of money, considering it to be of no use. But the fact of the matter always gets hidden, and we are here to open it. Yes, that’s right. These sex toys might not be the best among the list, but they are essential in so many ways. The numerous benefits that it brings to the table is quite enough to drive a lot of elements in the right place. So to give you a better understanding, here are the top benefits of using a Dildo.

1. Lifts your Mood

There are very sex toys in the market that can lift your mood, taking you through different kinds of feelings. The Dildo is one of those toys that can do the job effectively. You will experience a different type of feeling and will be glad about the way things are turning out to be. Towards the end, you will realise how easy it was to get aroused, leaving aside all aspects that come with age.

2. Sexual Relief

Problems during sex are quite common, and one need not worry about not being able to satisfy their partner, while you have the Dildo. The sex toy is made for such situations, and it can ensure to do a great job. You just need to put it on, continue the act and help your partner reach the utmost stage of satisfaction. In the meantime, you can also recharge yourself, since the Dildo gives you all the time in the world.

3. Exploration

Adding the idea of exploration to an active love life is something that will help you climb the ladder towards the epitome of satisfaction. Individuals will be able to love each other towards a possible extent where it would be hard to imagine life without the other. This particular form of exploration comes through the process of trying new things and being ready to face them. A dildo is an ideal start that you can expect in this regard since it manages to leave you both excited.

4. For Everyone

A Dildo does not discriminate since it is a sex toy that can be used by both by everyone. The toy tends to bring in different kinds of benefits to individuals since nobody is prevented from using the same. For women, using a Dildo can strengthen your Kegel muscular tissue and increase sexual performance. Even for men who have undergone sexual changes, the Dildo helps to enhance elasticity with the new vagina. Apart from that, other individuals can use it to get aroused and feel the right dosage of sexual pleasure.

The Best Sex Toys in the Market

The Best Sex Toys in the Market

Sex toys are quite essential to add the missing spark to a relationship. They tend to bring out the best of moments, and as a result, various individuals want to get their hands on these items. But the market for the same is big and filled with different kinds of complications. Manufacturers fill it with various toys, and you may not be able to find the ideal or the best one from the category. So to help you out, we have made a list of some of the best sex toys in the market. Hence, go check it out.

1. Lovehoney Bionic Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

This is an extremely useful sex toy that is tailored to suit all kinds of couples. It comes loaded with a bullet vibe that includes a built-in cock ring as well as rabbit ears. These ears tend to massage your sensitive clitoris, and the ring buzzes the base of the penis or shaft. By doing so, the chances of simultaneous orgasm is all around the corner and couples will be glad to try it out. So check the right stores and get your hands on this valuable sex toy.

2. Tomboi Harness

A silky and comfy fit that looks like underwear is the ideal description that one could give about the Tomboi Harness. This toy can handle any dildo and thanks to its super smooth quality; you are sure to enjoy the same. The toy also comes at an affordable price, making it all the more exciting.

3. Jive Couples Vibrator

At times a penis or the fingers cannot give you the vibration that you need. But you need not worry since you have the Jive Couples Vibrator. This egg-shaped vibrator can be controlled through an app, making it user-friendly. Be it oral sex or date night; you can insert it and expect things to get pleasurable. Adding this toy to your sex life will also develop foreplay and make it exciting to a large extent.

4. Club Vibe 3.OH

Club vibe 3. OH is the ideal sex toy that is catered to vibrate along with the beats of the music. It also comes with remote control, and you can operate it whenever you feel like. You can wear to parties and different social gatherings; each time you can feel the essence of satisfaction.

5. Sex Ramp

Sex positions tend to play a crucial role, mixing things up and taking it to the right place. If this aspect is missing from your life, then you need the Sex Ramp. With this equipment in place, you can get deeper penetration on a comfy, washable machine.